A roller-coaster week



It began six weeks after little gorgeous George was born. It was about 8:30 in the evening, George was asleep, and I was watching a soap on television. John came in and fell down on to the sofa next to me, he stank of beer and fish and chips.

He said: Is it my lucky night tonight, eh?

I said: John, I'm really tired, George has been crying all day, and I need to get some sleep.

He said: Oh come on darling. We gotta do it sometime. I've had a hard on all day.

He began to kiss me and fondle me.

I said: John, no not now.

He said: Yeah, now.

I said: No.

He said: Oh fucking hell, Janet, come on.

And he started getting a bit rough with me so I pushed him off as hard I could.

He said: Why not?

I said: I told you, I just don't want to. I'm tired. I don't feel like it.

He said: Well, when then? I might as well be a fucking monk.

I said: I don't know John, it's difficult after a baby, it's not just me, everybody says so.

He said: It's just you as far as I'm concerned. Perhaps I should go elsewhere.

He started pawing me again, so I tried to get up, but he pulled me down.

I said: Stop it John.

He said: I've had enough.

I said: Stop it John, leave me alone.

I tried to get up again, but he pulled me to him more roughly than ever.

I said: John, leave me alone.

He said: Fuck you, I'm your husband, its your job.

I said: That's it, I've heard enough now, get off. Now.

He tried to undo my trousers, but I put my hand into his face and pushed him away. Then he smacked me across the face. It stung but not that much. I was shocked more than anything. He was too.

He sobered up in an instant.

He said: Oh shit, Janet, I'm sorry. I didn't mean it.

I said: Rape next is it? Get out.

And he did.


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Paul K. Lyons

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