The stories in this collection, Love Uncovered, are original and unpublished. They are about love and relationships. Four of them have significant sexual content. The first pages of some stories are available as text files.

Briefly the stories are as follows:

'Nancy's Graves' is about a young girl who, left by her boyfriend, is intent on dying. Just in time, she finds purpose in taking flowers to a stranger's grave.

'Sandy' is about a young woman's doubts on the eve of her marriage, and includes a dialogue comparing the benefits of a good lover with those of a good husband.

'A roller-coaster week' is about domestic violence in the difficult period after the birth of a child.

'A roller-coaster day' is about a secretary's perception of the sexual relationship with her boss on a day when a crisis hits the office.

'The brittle rhapsody of silence on a winter beach' tells of the unusual relationship between a lonely but curious stranger and a sociopathic hermit.

'Loving Alex' is the story of a humble bookseller and his secret relationship with a proud, rich, married woman.

'Love of a mountain' is a dialogue, conducted by letter, between a father and his son, each of them crippled in a different way, and their hesitant reconciliation.

'A eulogy for Igee' is a literary construction about Isidore Goldsmith, my grandfather, using verbatim extracts from an autobiography written by his second wife Vera Caspary (the author of Laura).

Paul K. Lyons

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