The Blue Toothbrush
is a funny, starkly original novel about an ordinary man who takes his five minutes of fame and some, regardless of the consequences.

It explores society’s compulsive fixation on success and celebrity, and challenges its protagonist on expectations, loyalties and love.

Roger has fallen out of love with his wife, he doesn’t connect with his children, and he works for a grumpy boss. On leaving for work one morning, he unthinkingly grabs his toothbrush, placing it on show in the top pocket of his jacket, yet he has no idea this simple act will transform his life.

When a beautiful stranger makes the first move on a commuter train, Roger believes it is the toothbrush bringing him luck. Soon the toothbrush has a name - Blue - and is no longer ‘it’ in his mind but ‘him’.

Granted with a seemingly magic touch, Roger leaps on the ride of his life, success just keeps on coming. But what Blue has apparently given, can also be taken away.

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