BLR is a story told in three parts corresponding with those in the title.

In the first part, Begetting, the narrator, Bill, reflects on the past two years. He describes the relationship with his partner Susan, and the circumstances that lead them to have a child, Belinda. He also introduces several other characters, friends old and new.

Part two, Loss, takes place over a period of seven days, beginning with the inexplicable loss of Belinda and the involvement of the police. Looking back over each day, Bill describes, in detail, his fluctuating mental world, and his impotent practical responses to the crisis. Susan's behaviour, which has led to the loss of Belinda, is a complete mystery to him. All the other characters are involved in Loss to one extent or another. At the end, Bill discovers a clue to the whereabouts of his daughter, but decides to follow it through on his own without informing the police.

Part three, Recovery, which builds to an exciting climax, is narrated by Bill in the present tense. Bill's relationships with the other characters - every one of whom has been affected by Belinda's loss to one degree or another - are drawn to some kind of conclusion.

Key selling points: BLR is unusual both in terms of its title and its structure; it deals with a fear that taps deep into the veins of our society; the plot, although not complicated, does have a linear drive (suspense) with answers waiting at the end; the characters are drawn realistically (there is a drama, but no dramatic conversions, there is development and resolution, but equally there is some lack of development and resolution); and, as the narrator is a science journalist, he introduces the reader to some of his favourite (real) writers and their work, some of which has a direct, or indirect bearing on the story.

Part One - Begetting

Beginning (pages 1-10 - pdf 72k)

Part Two - Loss

Monday (pages 56-69 - pdf 84k)

Part Three - Recovery

Paul K. Lyons

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